A Prayer For You


Whatever it is that you have for me allow me the ability to see it clearly. I want to be able to go through this life and feel weightless. Remove any pain that I feel, any anger, any grudges that I am holding onto or people that I refuse to forgive. Allow space in my heart for new beginnings and clean slates. It is too heavy to go through this life carrying around things that do not belong to me, things that do not want to stay or things that I have outgrown. I want to be brave and have faith that things will work themselves out, whenever they are going in a way that I did not see coming. I don't want to hold onto things because I am too afraid to start over or because I don't want to deal with the pain that it will bring. I want to heal not hide, and with that I cannot run from growing pains. Make me brave when it comes to expressing how I feel, without being afraid of how I might appear or if someone doesn’t feel the same as me. I want to be brave enough to be exactly who I am and to not allow anything that this world brings me to allow me to change. I want to love without the fear of being hurt, but because in those moments it was exactly what I wanted and needed. Allow me to remember that even when things do not work out how I planned them to in the end, you have never taken anything away from me without replacing it with something greater.


Allahu Akbar


  • Amen wow your soul is so beautiful you can make a angel cry!
    I love what you do and thank you for help me with some of my probs n life as well

    China Newman
  • I receive this and offer my gratitude for you sharing ❣️🦋

    Karen Jones
  • This was really deep and made me emotional , Thank you so much for this. My daily strength. Ameen

    Katrina Drake
  • This is a powerful prayer for the broken I’ve screenshot it so that I can say this every morning I wake up or just need to be reminded of who’s I am Amen Amen.

    DONOVAN McGarity
  • Well Needed. Thanks soo much. I found you and your gift for a reason. I’m touched by everything that you have in store for I’ve already followed you in ever social media. ❤️

    Shanience Jackson

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