Blind Date

So as many of you may know September 30th I went on a blind date. Well I guess not a full blind date because I saw a picture of them, it wasn’t the most clear picture but I could kinda see them. They had no idea it would be me, I did this for one of my friends podcast. This was a way that I wanted to support her so when I saw that she posted she was doing a social experiment and needed a girl for the blind date, I agreed. My love life has been pretty shitty any way so I figured what the hell.


So when I arrived for our date, which was this bar slash restaurant that you would hang with your co workers for happy hour (not a first date place for me.. Issa no dog) I texted him, “I am here, I am sitting outside with a jean jacket on”. After a minute or two he came out looking a little surprised it was me and then it finally clicking to him I was the date. My first thoughts of him were, “this is not my type” in no way shape or form would this be the type of guy that I would go for. I don’t say this to sound rude, and soon you will understand exactly why this all makes sense.


We sit down and order food and drinks. He is about 5’10, dark skin, low cut, some facial hair and handsome in my opinion. He looks like he’s about 28 and in college. He has a young look to him. As we begin to have a conversation, getting to know each other and I see how article he is, I begin to get more comfortable with talking about things that I am interested in. I did ask him questions like where he works, where does he live and when the last time he fucked his baby mom? (You know the normal stuff) What ever topic I decided to change to, he was able to engage and not just sit there like he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.(Except when I brought up Zodiac signs)


While laughing, joking, eating buffalo shrimp, it suddenly hit me. Here I am eating at this place I would never go to on my own, with this guy who isn’t my type, who not once seemed to be phased by what I do for a living, (even when someone passed by the table like hey Maui to talk to me lol)  I was enjoying myself. This type of man that I feel like he should look like on the outside and the restaurant I feel like we should be eating at the first time, means nothing if the person is not the one. My type may be the reason why things do not work out or last very long. Are these fairytale images we have in our heads, that may even be tainted by the constant couple goals pictures we see on social media, along with

bae-cations, be the reason we don’t give certain people a chance?


Now I am not saying that I found the right person or anything lol; The blind date just put a lot into perspective for me as far as, the way and who I choose to date.


What does your type look like? What type of person do you normally settle down with? What do you imagine the person you marry to look or be like? I want you to answer those questions and then compare it to what you have when you are finally happy. Because sometimes what God has for us is in a packaging that we were not expecting.


  • I have been saying this for many years. No-one is ever going to be a perfect fit for the ideal box. Unfortunately along the way we meet the right person for us who possesses other qualities we didn’t know compliment us and let them go because they didn’t fit our box. Open up your mind & heart to unknown experiences. You might get a very pleasant surprise.

  • Loved reading this in your voice! I can agree on how at first glance we always think we know “our type” but it always surprises the heck out of us when we actually start enjoying being in the moment of the wild card person. That is being present in its truest form! “Maui Goes On Blinds Dates” blog column coming soon?

  • Your post made sense! We get so stuck on “what we want” or “where we should go” or “what’s a perfect date in our eyes” that we don’t stop and think maybe we have or had all those things already. If we’re too picky with our choices then we won’t ever find “the one.” That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have standards either.

  • Chileeee I never had a type but I’ve always been shallow. I can only entertain someone physically attractive. I’m pretty flexible with my idea of attractive so it’s worked for me so far, but I have been more aware of people’s social standing and being mindful on their reasons for pursuing me

  • Very inspirational! Never judge a book by its cover! You might actually have an amazing time.


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