Sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe.

Think about it, on a day to day basis who are you? A mom, a wife, a employee or entrepreneur, a daughter, or a son, a husband, a friend, the super hero, a listening ear; somedays you have to be everything, with it still feeling not enough. 

I had a conversation with my friend a few months ago, expressing how overwhelmed I was with issues from my family amongst other things and he said that, “I should be grateful God chose me to be the one who my family depends on”. I asked some of my other close friends which were men and they agreed with him. 

Men, these providers who get satisfaction of knowing that they are the ones their family depends on and needs. The super hero’s to so man, I was wondering did I not feel that way because I was a woman? Was I not as strong as a man? 

I am not interested in the battle of who is stronger but, some days I feel so defeated. I feel like I just want to crawl in a ball and just cry, without having to explain to anyone why I am crying. There are days when I have no answer. It’s okay to not be this unrealistic version of always being happy and having it all together. Sometimes it is okay to just cry and remind yourself to breathe.

This is why having self care days are so important, taking time out to make sure that you are okay, doing things to make yourself happy and make you feel good. Doing whatever it takes to make you feel like you again. In a world where you are trying to take care of everyone else and be everyone’s super hero, it is okay to relax. It is okay to go on a mental vacation. 

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